Community Benefits...

If a community has litter, illegally dumped solid waste, overgrown lots, poorly maintained business and residential buildings, graffiti and broken windows it acts as a drain on the economy and the social fabric of the place. When people don't care it shows!

HOWEVER, when we teach local residents the best ways to keep our community and its natural surroundings clean and beautiful and we instill a sense of personal responsibility for keeping it that way, it creates a synergy. We develop pride in our surroundings, we become stewards for our neighborhoods, our parks, wildlife and natural resources. Visitors recognize that almost instantly. Our community becomes an attractive place, folks want to be here. They spend time and money; they tell their friends and family. Good things happen!

Cost-Benefit Ratio
Keep America Beautiful (KAB) affiliates like Keep Citrus County Beautiful (KCCB) facilitate all kinds of projects. We bring people together to make the most of various talents and resources they have to make a project work. KAB measures the benefit to a community by comparing the actual cost with the total effort put into a project. KAB collects this information from each affiliate and calculates the nationwide cost-benefit.

For example, a group of neighbors decides to pick up litter from all the roadsides in their community. They contact KCCB; we help them plan the project, loan grabbers and safety vests, provide trash bags, and help them contact the County for a “community cleanup fee waiver”. They ask a local media outlet to help find more volunteers; they ask a local grocery to provide snacks for the volunteers. They spend $20 to hire a handyman to pick up all the bags of litter and deliver them to the landfill. They get 50 volunteers to pick up litter for 2 hours on the designated day. The total cost for the project is $20. The monetary benefit includes the $100 value in loaned equipment, $100 in donated supplies and snacks, the $100 of in-kind media coverage, the $25 value of waived fees and the volunteer time value of $740. The monetary cost-benefit of this project is $20/ $100+$100+$100+$25+$740 or $1:$53 which is a great return on investment.

The non-monetary benefits include: a spic-and-span clean community, an opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise, a teaching moment about how much litter is really on our roadsides which will probably result in changed habits plus a chance to get to know people and places in the community they might not otherwise have. Win-win-win.


List of 2014 - 2015 Projects...

September 2014
Partnered with the Save our Waters Week Committee (SOWW) of Citrus 2020 for the Coastal Cleanup.
November 2014 Held a Citrus County Recycles Tour in conjunction with America Recycles Day.
January 2015
Had a booth at the Manatee Festival to distribute information on our Snag'N'Bag, Citrus County Recycles, and Cleanup-Greenup programs.
February 2015 Started a project with Floral City Heritage Council to clean up Orange Avenue “Avenue of the Oaks” and make historical-period-appropriate improvements.

Started a project with Kings Bay Rotary to introduce Crystal River Elementary students to best waste habits (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Never Litter and Pick It Up; Where Does the Garbage Go)

Partnered with Inverness Rotary on a beautification project in Whispering Pines Park.

Worked with Citrus County and other partners on a Kids Fishing Clinic at Ft Island Trail Park to teach good fishing habits, provided Snag'N'Bag bags to all participants.
March 2015 Coordinated with the Health Department to perform three roadside litter cleanups concentrating on cigarette litter.

Worked with Floral City Garden Club on a roadside cleanup along Orange Avenue.

Had a booth at the Strawberry Festival to distribute information on our Snag'N'Bag, Citrus County Recycles, and Cleanup-Greenup programs.

Started planning for 2015 SOWW.

Partnered with Beverly Hills Civic Association for a special waste Community Cleanup.
April 2015 Worked with Citrus County Builders' Association and others to sponsor a youth fishing tournament, provided Snag'N'Bag bags to all participants.

Coordinated with One Rake at a Time and Kings Bay Rotary to do an Earth Day Cleanup at Hunter Springs Park and Kings Bay Park. 75 Third Grade students collected litter, sorted trash from recyclables on the land side of the park and learned about the waterway litter Snag'N'Bag program and Lyngbya cleanup provides by One Rake.

Provided Snag'N'Bag bags to the City of Inverness for their BassMasters' Fishing Tournament.

Partnered with Leadership Citrus Class of 2015 to beautify a new facility for the Key Training Center.
May 2015 Partnered with One Rake at a Time with safety supplies and work tools for two in-water cleanups at Hunter Springs.

Coordinated with partners at Citrus County to provide dispenser materials and bags for Snag'N'Bag.

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