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Our Board of Directors

Anyone interested in serving on our Board may contact us at We are always in need of more volunteers.

Our Executive Directors:

Mia Fink, Lace Blue - McLean and Susan Metcalfe


President - Susan Metcalfe
Vice President - Robert Holmes
Treasurer (Interim) - Susan Metcalfe
Secretary - Mia Fink

Board Members:

City of Inverness – Linda Bega
City of Crystal River - Robert Holmes
BOCC – Jeff Kinnard
Lace Blue-McLean | Mary Branch | Steve Cade Curt Ebitz | Randy Messer | Dorothy Pernu | Charlie Walpole

Emeritus Board Members:

C.L.Calloway | Tim Hess | John Kostelnick | Pete Peterson | John Quintas | Joe Turck | Josh Wooten | Frank Yetner | Courtney Pollard | Pete Retzko | Casey Stephens | Marty Consuegra | Paula Wheeler |Michael Colbert | Christine Thatcher

State of Florida ( - Governor Rick Scott | Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera