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Snag 'N' Bag

KCCB provides litter bag dispensers and monofilament fishing line collection stations as part of its Snag 'N' Bag
 These stations are located at a number of popular fishing piers and launching ramps around the county for the community to help keep the waterways clean.

Boaters are encouraged to take a litter bag with them and to "leave no litter in their wake". The fishing line recycling stations provide a place for old fishing lines to be recycled into new fishing equipment, helping to avoid injuries to marine wildlife.

Monofilament - A problem in the environment?
Monofilament is a very thin and often clear fishing line making it very difficult for birds and animals to avoid. They can easily become entangled in it, or even worse, ingest the line.
Contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Wild Alert Program at 1-888-404-3922 to report injured wildlife.

 Snag 'N' Bag Locations...


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